ph: 503-231-5631
Corey Cliffe
LEED Accredited
Limitless blue is simply a poetic reference to the
infinite beauty of the ocean and to the elemental and
symbolic qualities of the waters which sustain all life.

I have a deeply rooted passion for helping transition the
built world away from unhealthy, chemically saturated,
energy consuming structures. I am working to promote
responsible design which celebrates the personality and
aspirations of those living in and using the space,
which supports the local community, and sensitively
integrates with the natural environment.

I have been working on my own and in various
architectural practices for over 18 years. I continue to
search for opportunities to learn about and integrate
principals of sustainable design and green building
technologies & materials into my work. I have been a
registered architect in Oregon since 1996, and I am a
LEED Accredited Professional.

Under the banner of limitless blue, I am striving to be
more pro-active in my approach to integrating aspects
of sustainability into my work and I look forward to
exploring opportunities to creatively and sensitively
find solutions for the design needs of my friends and

Some examples of my work are organized in the links
on the side of this page. Please let me know if you have
any questions about my experience or if you would like
to discuss a project that you have in mind.

-Corey Cliffe
2865 SE Caruthers St.
Portland, Oregon